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Portraits For Mollymae's Road To Recovery

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Help us pay down Mollymae's medical bills by purchasing a badass Blunt Graffix photo screen print! Self portraits, Kids, Pets and loved ones are all welcome!

What you receive is 4, 12x12", 4 color process screenprints of a photo of your choosing.

After checkout, send your highest quality digital or scanned photo to mdye70@gmail.com along with your order number and details of purchase.

As most of you know Mollymae is an energetic and loving mother with a passion for life, unfortunately at the end of May she got suddenly sick with a virus that attacked her joints. After nearly 2 months of tests she was diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis and on August 1st began treatment. Unfortunately she had a rare and severe allergic reaction to the treatment which caused approximately 80% of her skin to burn and blister.
Healing from the allergic reaction became the focus and it wasn’t until September 21st that she was able to begin a new treatment which she will be on for a minimum of 6 months.
She’s also doing acupuncture, acupressure, massage, physical therapy and eating anti inflammatory and using CBD/THC tinctures and balms.
There are suspicions about how the infection entered her body though we cannot know for sure.
Since the end of May she has not had normal range of motion in her arms, legs or hands. She lost range of motion in her neck and the disease will appear and disappear randomly in other places. She is in near constant pain.
We are hopeful this new treatment will work, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for the affects of the drug to be felt by patients. In approximately 20% of patients the disease becomes chronic though we are hoping for a full and total recovery.
Mollymae has an incredible spirit and she has retained hope and stayed centered.

Your support and generosity is sincerely appreciated.

Update : on Oct 11 we traveled to Oregon Health and Science University and saw a Doctor in Rheumatology and Oncology.
She agreed that Molly mae has spondyloarthropathy though believes she has psoriatic arthritis (there are three types of arthritis in the family of spondyloarthropathy, both reactive and psoriatic are in this group). The current treatment remains the same. This treatment is a slow process and we are hopeful she will be feeling truly better between the new year and early spring.
The monthly co-payments/out of pocket is currently around $800 so we will continue to print portraits for the foreseeable future.

We are beyond blessed by our community. ❤️💛🧡 Thank you for sharing our fundraiser and print opportunity with your communities.


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